WOOL Gathering


WOOL GatherinWoolgathering_Cover-3 (1)g is a unique collaboration between nine outstanding authors. Each author has previously published at least one work in Hugh Howey’s WOOL Universe and has contributed one short story again set in that world with the proceeds going towards the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program.

Stories include:

1. The Last Republican by Ann Christy. Ann has developed quite a following for her Silo 49 series and leads the anthology off with a bang.

2. Eight by Thomas Robins. Thomas has written a number of stories in the WOOL Universe, most recently with “The Rook.” He is currently in the midst of his Desperate to Escape series.

3. Lost Water by WJ Davies. WJ was one of the first WOOL writers with his SILO Submerged series (The Runner, The Diver, The Watcher) and is currently working on his Binary Cycle books.

4. The Last Prayer by Lyn Perry. Lyn is a man of many talents with many works in multiple genres. Here he gives a sense of religion in the silo with his contribution.

5. Turning the Earth by Logan Thomas Snyder. Logan started his writing career with his WOOL series The Disappeared and has continued past those works to publish captivating books such as This Mortal Coil.

6. Climb by Carol Davis. Carol first set foot in the silo with the Rebel State trilogy and has a varied and eclectic taste, writing werewolf stories like Blood Moon and One Too Many as well as a foray into romance with Something Simple.

7. Rattle of Bones by Fred Shernoff. With Angels of the Earth selected as the first WOOL Kindle Worlds title, Shernoff is a pioneer in WOOL fan fiction and shows off his writing chops with his Atlantic Island series.

8. The Sheriff’s Son by Will Swardstrom. With The Veil, Swardstrom became a name in the silo and has two novels to his name, Dead Sleep and Dead Sight.

9. Evelyn’s Locket by David Adams. An Aussie, Dave has a vast number of titles to his name, including the distinction of the first WOOL fanfiction. His latest Silo series, beginning with Insurrection, is awaiting a third installment.

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