Baking With Swords


Concept 3Baking With Swords is a short story collection. The description, from Amazon:

Three stories from two brothers and a sister: Will Swardstrom, Paul K. Swardstrom, and Betsy Baker. Each story with its own unique perspective and genre. The only thread connecting them being family ties between the three authors. 

The Price of Greatness by Paul K. Swardstrom 
What drives a man? Is it simply being a good person, being a family man, or that single dream of greatness that runs through us all? What if we could have the chance to go back? What is the price of greatness? 

Flutter by Betsy Baker 
Treasure these moments…children change so fast. What would one mother do when the changes her daughter is going through aren’t so…normal? 

A Whimper by Will Swardstrom 
At a certain point, human evolution and technology merge, but at what cost? How far will we go before the end is the inevitable conclusion?

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