The Veil Series


Veil_Part1The Veil is Swardstrom’s attempt to pay tribute to Hugh Howey and his fascinating WOOL Universe that inspired him to write and publish his own books. description: The silo is full of secrets; some are good. Some are bad. 
For Mary, secrets form the foundation of her life. On her wedding day, Mary’s mother tells her, “A bride should keep some secrets. The veil tells a husband he can get close, but there will always be some mystery to his wife. A woman needs to keep her husband close, but her secrets closer.” 
Over the years, the secrets Mary keeps add up and compound on each other, possibly devastating her own life, but also sacrificing the fate of the silo. 
In the end, what is real and what is the truth? 
The Veil is one woman’s life in the silo and what she does to survive. On the surface she is living an ordinary life, but in the shadows perhaps the role she plays is much larger than it appears. 

Veil_Part2Behind The Veil is a follow-up to Swardstrom’s Silo Saga tale, The Veil. Set years after the events of The Veil, readers get to see the silo through the eyes of IT Head Ari Green. Description: The Veil introduced Mary, a simple wife who found herself embroiled in problems of her own creation after she harbored multiple secrets over the years. 
Eventually, those secrets lead to the death of her best friend, but a new awareness of the world she lives in. 
In Behind The Veil, author Will Swardstrom presents the story of Ari Green, Head of IT for Silo 13. In the years before the events of The Veil as well as during and afterwards, he attempts to rectify his own mistake. Could one mistake lead to a terrorist group and the eventual downfall of the entire silo? 
Behind The Veil is one man’s desperate attempt to hold on to power and the choices he has to make to protect the secrets he holds most dear. 

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