Reviews for Blink Are In!


Blink has been out in the real world for about a week and a half, and the sales have been good, but the reviews have been even better. I seriously could have pulled lines from each of the reviews up on Amazon and Goodreads — all of them are so good. Allow me a moment of pride; Paul and I worked really hard on Blink and are hard at work on figuring out how to get Agent Smith and the Utility Company back on your Kindles. Here are a few quotes from some of the reviews up now on Amazon…


unnamed“The Swardstrom Brothers hit all the right notes in this tight little Super Science / Alternate Universes roller coaster. If the X-Files made you want more of the strange and mysterious government organizations battling not just with guns and smarts, but the occasional wit in the face of certain doom, then look no further. This is a great Friday Night read. A fun, fast, adventure where all is not as it seems.”

Nick Cole, author of Ctrl-Alt-Revolt

“…a book that I didn’t want to put down, even when life got in the way.”

Shay VanZwoll

“The story unfolds at a solid pace that always maintained my interest and when it hit a boiling point about mid-way through the novel, the pace became relentless and was extremely hard to put down.”

Chris Fried

“The Swardstrom brothers have co-crafted a sci-fi work of art. Together, they have written a novel that seamlessly transitions between protagonists (and worlds), never losing its brilliant voice, its sense of humor, its sense of the supernatural, its sense of adventure. This is an action packed tour de force that introduces a great cast of characters that I hope return again soon for a new adventure.”

Jonathan Ballagh, author of Stone & Iris

“This is a great book you won’t want to miss, it is like when you know you should go to bed but you just want to read one more chapter than just one more, than another and another, than the book is done and it is way past your bedtime…”

Trisha “Mindjacked” Perry

“The Swardstrom Brothers’ supernatural sci-fi world of Blink is a phenomenal meshing of classic pulp and contemporary Fringe. This is the beginning of something grand.”

Daniel Arthur Smith, author of Hugh Howey Lives

There is still time to get Blink for less than a buck — click on the link above to see what the reviewers are talking about!


Now Available – The Control


Last summer I was fortunate to be one of the authors pegged for The Immortality Chronicles. I took my story and ran all through history. I wanted my protagonist to have seen everything — from Gilgamesh to Cleopatra, The Black Plague to Ebola, Mozart to Justin Bieber. I incorporated a popular theme — alien involvement in ancient Egypt, and I was off. What came of it was my story The Control, which I published on its own yesterday. I’m really proud of that story and think readers will love it as well.

To pick up your copy, click on the book cover below. The description will follow.

riptides (1)

A moment exists for everyone—a moment between disaster and victory. It was there, in that moment, where I lived. Always waiting. Always letting my fate be determined by others. Always hovering between a rousing triumph and a crushing catastrophe. I was that moment. But my moment was not to be under my control.

My name is Bek and I am immortal.

Covers, Release Dates, and FREE BOOKS


Oh wow…a lot going on, so let’s just jump right in. This blog has three parts:

— Release date for Blink

— Cover reveal and release date for Alt.History 102

— New cover and details on how to get Z BALL for FREE!


I was wavering a lot, but I finally set a release date for Blink, the first full novel co-written by my brother Paul and me. We think it’s a ton of fun and think readers will love it just as much as we did writing it. The paperback may or may not be ready by then, but for sure the book will be available on Kindle on…February 4, 2016. 

I’m not sure if I’ll do a preorder for it, but if I do, it’ll just be a few days beforehand. I’ve got a Launch Party in the works and some great giveaways surrounding the launch, so stay tuned for that! Once again, marvel at this awesome cover one more time…


Alt.History 102

As a history teacher, I was a little jealous when Samuel Peralta put out Alt.History 101 without me in it. (OK…a lot jealous.) Fortunately, Sam invited me into this volume and I got to dip back in the past to Pre-Napoleonic France and Austria with a story about Mozart and Marie Antoinette entitled simply “Requiem.” The release date is…January 31 and here is the cover reveal!



When I released Z BALL on its own (originally in The Z Chronicles), I did a simple little cover. I thought it worked. It did not. But then I was at an author event in November and met a local comic book artist and we talked about making up a new cover. I’m thrilled to say it is done, on the book and ready for your eyes. Here it is…and Z BALL is free today and tomorrow! Click the awesome picture to get it free on Kindle! (P.S. we did a little extra work on the cover for the paperback, so if you like awesome looking books in your house, pick it up for just $5.99.)


DUST — A Review (Finally)


I read DUST

over the weekend. In spite of my birthday and my daughter’s birthday party consuming valuable reading time with family and friends over, I managed to squeeze the book in whenever I could. It was excellent. The following is my review of DUST:


I haven’t looked forward to the release of a book so much since the final Harry Potter novel back

in 2007. I’ve certainly loved many books since then, but none have been as eagerly anticipated by me since Deathly Hallows. Looking back, I preordered DUST for Kindle on the day Hugh announced the release date back in May.

I was anxious and scared. We’ve all been burned by hype. George Lucas has burned us all with Star Wars and Indiana Jones, building tension for years, only to disappoint even the most ardent of fans. I trusted Hugh, but at the same time, there was a nagging fear in my mind that the overnight success of WOOL would somehow affect DUST and the ending to the saga.
I am happy to report — the wait was worth it. DUST lives up to the hype and exceeds it in my mind.
I didn’t go out looking for any spoilers to the story and avoided even the “spoiler-free” reviews this last week before DUST finally hit the Kindle store because I wanted to experience all the joy of discovery first hand.

I remember Hugh teasing us occasionally on Facebook and Twitter with news of “killer” chapters and blood flowing in the silo. Of course, those who have already read WOOL and SHIFT expected no less, but Hugh set us up well in this one. Sure, there were some surprises here and there in the first half of the novel, but it wasn’t until about halfway through that I felt Hugh’s first suckerpunch to the reader. I was devastated, but had to continue. In many ways, I was compelled to finish, just as Juliette and Donald felt compelled to finish their respective journeys in their silos.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just leave it with this — in a book that had so many expectations, Hugh Howey delivered. He masterfully wove a tale about multiple silos over the course of hundreds of years, all while keeping it grounded from the perspective of Juliette and Donald.
In my first review for WOOL, I compared Howey to Isaac Asimov. Foundation will forever be a book that I will return to and now it is safe to say that the Silo Saga is the same way. Congrats Hugh and well done