Reviews, Audiobooks, and Other Updates


I’ve hit a few milestones the past couple weeks — let me list a few for you: 

  • I sold a paperback copy of Dead Sight on Amazon. Yeah…I know, that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I had not previously sold any physical copies through Amazon. I’ve sold physical books, but only after I ordered copies from CreateSpace and then personally delivered them. This sale was a milestone — a small one, but one nonetheless. Huzzah!
  • I received my 100th review the other day and now I’ve exceeded that number and am sitting at #103 as of this blog post. Now, this is out of seven different titles, one of which I am a small part of, but it is still meaningful to me. Ant Apocalypse has the most of my works with 30 reviews and a 4.4 star average. 
  • Speaking of AA, I got a review the other day of it from a fantastic source. Nick Cole, author of the amazing book Old Man and the Wasteland (previous review here), decided to read and review my short little ant tale. Nick doesn’t review a ton of books, but he graciously left me a review for Ant Apocalypse. Having a writer as talented as Nick read and love my work definitely encourages me to continue to write and push myself creatively. Thanks Nick! Check out his review here

Speaking of Ant Apocalypse, I began production last week on an audiobook of it. I got five auditions for it and one of them just really had the sound I was looking (listening?) for. I’ll share more late, but I should have it together in a few weeks. This is really exciting for me. I’ve never been an audiobook person myself, but I know loads of people who are huge audiobook fans. My brother, in particular, is psyched about it. Hopefully I can get the rest of my books transformed into audiobooks in the future as well. 

As for new writing…there isn’t any. Not much at least. In fact, to be honest, I’ve barely written anything for a few weeks. One reason was a book I edited that was just completed and delivered. My wife and I compiled a set of letters and memories for a fellow teacher who is retiring this year. We just handed it over a few nights ago and the thanks we received were priceless. There’s another reason I’ve been away from the keyboard — my wife’s annual Dinner Theatre production at school. I do my best to help out each year and that means putting my life on hold to be there for her. 

…and so, here I am on April 14, 2014 saying to you that my plans for the next four-five months include writing as much as I can. I’ve got the last month of school, final exams, and graduation of course, but then after that… I’ve got a few short stories to finish up, a silo saga trilogy to wrap up, the final Dead Sleep novel to begin (and hopefully finish). 

Thanks again to everyone for taking this journey with me. I can’t begin to tell you how much of a thrill this last year has been for me. Stay tuned for more awesomeness!


Reader Requests!


So last week, I petitioned my Facebook friends for a blog topic. I ended up using half of one of their suggestions and wrote about my daughter’s first day with her “brand new/very used” saxophone and the family legacy that went along with it.

So, in order to satisfy Facebook, here are the rest of the topics in order:

Forbes West wanted me to write about “Sperm whales look stupid.”


Here is a picture I saw last week, ironically a day after I saw Forbes’ suggestion. Above is a pod of sperm whales, doing their best popsicle impersonation. Apparently the BBC caught these whales in this position, sleeping.


I mean, who does that? I tried to sleep vertically underwater once and it didn’t work.

Stupid sperm whales.

ImageLisa Schilt wanted me to write about the Biggest Loser result.

Now to be fair, this was a lot bigger news last Tuesday evening when the NBC show had their season finale. The winner ended up being Rachel Fredrickson, who lost 60% of her body weight during the show’s run. That is a TON of weight.

(Not literally. A ton is 2,000 pounds. Compared to that, Fredrickson lost a mere 155 pounds.)

Now as you can see from the photo here, she looks not just thin, but skeletal. I’m adopting a child from Africa and I can only hope he looks a little healthier than her by the time he gets to the states. I think she may have pushed it a bit too far, but as someone who can’t seem to shake 10 pounds, I don’t have much room to talk.

Christopher Boore wanted me to talk about Forbes West.

Forbes West is not one to simply be talked about.

He once financed an entire vigilante group in a mid-sized Mexican city to take down a cartel.

He keeps pet sharks in his toilet.

His mother is allergic to him.

Forbes sunk the Titanic.

He can drink E-85 gasoline, but doesn’t get as good as mileage as regular unleaded.

Forbes magazine may or may not be named after him.

The reason McDonald’s has a “special sauce” on their Big Macs is because Forbes once spat in a fresh batch.

He had a twin brother named Forbes East, but killed him to found Rome.

Forbes is the stuff of legend and the center of nightmares for children worldwide.

ImageJae Michels wanted me to talk about junk food.

I bought a package of Combos yesterday. I suppose, ala Zombieland, if I had a food that I might hanker for in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the United States, Combos just might be the food of choice. I love me some Combos. I had Cheddar Cheese Cracker Combos yesterday, but I’m also a big Nacho Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza fan as well. I suppose the Cracker varieties are more preferred to the pretzel varieties, but I like to mix it up every now and then.

There it is – a scattershot blog, all due to your requests.