Where to write?


I’ve seen a couple of blogs and newspaper articles the past few days about when and where to write your best. I don’t know that I have a specific place right now, but there are definitely some places I write better than others. 

J.D. Clarke, a fellow indie writer, posted the other day on his blog that he had a loft where he did his writing. However, the loft separating him from the rest of the house wasn’t enough. He also needed to isolate his thoughts from the noise of the household and purchased some noise-cancelling headphones. With that, he created a great area where he has trained himself to write some every day. 

Carol Kaufmann’s NY Times blog, Draft, had some great thoughts on writing as well. She likes to be outside — away from the wi-fi, away from the noise. She talked to author and psychologist about her writing outside theory and he said this: 

“It’s likely you find it easier to write outside not only because of nature’s direct impact, but because of the absence of so many distractions, most of them technological.” says Mr. Louv, who also finds his writing better when he does it by a lake or in the woods. “The info-blitzkrieg has spawned a new field called ‘interruption science’ and a newly minted condition: continuous partial attention.” Constant electronic intrusions, he says, leave anyone trying to work frustrated, stressed and certainly less creative.


I definitely agree. There are SO many distractions. Even on my devices which are meant to help me — I’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and this blog. There is my KDP page where I can check on my Kindle book sales and then my Author Central page where I check on my ranks on Amazon. Then there are all the blogs of fellow authors I want to follow. With everything out there, it is so overwhelming…and I haven’t even written anything for publication. Nothing for myself. 

(Not to mention Bejeweled Blitz and Candy Crush. Don’t get me started on Candy Crush.)

With all of these distractions, not to mention the beginning of fall TV starting up this week, it is hard to keep yourself focused and away from the noise. My favorite place to write? It’s not even at my house. I’ve found that I LOVE to write at my mother-in-law’s dining room table. It’s a few rooms away from the TV and all the hub-bub that surrounds visits to the in-laws. At my own home, I suppose I’d have to say I work well at my kitchen table, but really only after 9 or 10 p.m. when the wife and daughter are securely in bed. 

I’m still perfecting my best writing spot and still weaning myself off the “noise.” What about you?