Book Review – Immunity


ImmunityCoverWhat if those experiencing the end times in the Apocalypse Weird stories could look at why it was happening? What if they were able to take a look at it all from a purely scientific basis and figure out what exactly was going on, and better yet – where it all originated?

That’s what we get in the form of E.E. Giorgi’s Immunity. We’ve seen the world get torn apart in Nick Cole’s The Red King, but in Immunity, we really take a look at why.

The story is told from the perspective of two protagonists – Dave, a computer specialist, and Anu, a genetic researcher. Together at a lab in a remote part of New Mexico, they work to solve the so-called “zombie flu.”

Being one of the first books written by someone besides Nick Cole, we find a different pace and a different style, and that is certainly welcome (and with Reversal and The Serenity Strain, we get two more diverse voices contributing to this crazy universe as well). Giorgi brings her background as a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory into play with convincing results.

What I probably enjoyed the most was seeing this remote laboratory – supposedly far away from the reaches of the strange apocalyptic events around the rest of the world – getting “infected” during the Blindness that had its tentacles everywhere.

In the end, we find that the virus that is a threat to so many has its roots deep in Anu’s past, and she may hold the secret to unlocking the virus and its deadly effects.

I really enjoyed the book and look forward to seeing more out of Giorgi in the future. Well done!