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Last summer I was fortunate to be one of the authors pegged for The Immortality Chronicles. I took my story and ran all through history. I wanted my protagonist to have seen everything — from Gilgamesh to Cleopatra, The Black Plague to Ebola, Mozart to Justin Bieber. I incorporated a popular theme — alien involvement in ancient Egypt, and I was off. What came of it was my story The Control, which I published on its own yesterday. I’m really proud of that story and think readers will love it as well.

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A moment exists for everyone—a moment between disaster and victory. It was there, in that moment, where I lived. Always waiting. Always letting my fate be determined by others. Always hovering between a rousing triumph and a crushing catastrophe. I was that moment. But my moment was not to be under my control.

My name is Bek and I am immortal.


New Release – Contact Window


CW vert

On Saturday night, I went to a friend’s house for a cookout during their town’s Summer festival. I had admittedly been in a small funk writing-wise and was forcing it a bit on a current work in progress. Something happened that night, and I’m not totally sure what, but it gave me the inspiration for this story. I started in on it Sunday afternoon and finished it yesterday night. I sent it off for edits and finished those up early afternoon today. And there you have…Contact Window.

This is my first story which features aliens, but it won’t be my last. In fact, I really began to fall in love with these characters–so much that I would say there is a good chance this story opens up new possibilities of stories for me. You’ll find strong influences by Stargate and Star Trek in here (in fact, one of my editors said she would love an encounter between my protagonist and Jean-Luc Picard!). It’s just a short story, but I really put a lot into it. It broke me out of a funk and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Just 99 cents on Amazon today!

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