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Meet The Immortals — David Bruns


Most of my reads these days tends to be sci-fi, or perhaps a fantasy book here and there. A few months ago, I had the chance to read a book outside the sci-fi/fantasy genre and it was a great experience. Took me back, in fact to my high school days. I devoured Tom Clancy books (not literally of course) when I was a teen and moved on to Clive Cussler and Vince Flynn as an adult. David Bruns (along with JR Olson) put together a top-notch military thriller called Weapons of Mass Deception that harkens back to the glory days of Clancy with a modern style. I really enjoyed it and hope he continues to pen books in the genre. But it’s also clear David Bruns is an excellent writer and his science fiction also earns him a lot of respect as well.

David Bruns’ story in The Immortality Chronicles is a welcome change of pace and one that I think a lot of people will enjoy. The Immortality Chronicles drops on Friday, Sept. 4 featuring stories by Patricia Gilliam, John Gregory Hancock, Drew Avera, Gareth Foy, D.K. Cassidy, Thomas Robins, E.E. Giorgi, Harlow C. Fallon, David Bruns, Paul B. Kohler, D. Robert Pease, and myself. The anthology is curated by Samuel Peralta and edited by Carol Davis. Until launch day, you can get the collection for just $2.99.

Now…on to Mr. Bruns:

11796327_10153423837640170_1900403244562143189_nWho are you?

I’m David Bruns, recovering corporate executive and full-time author. I think of writing career as my Third Act. In Act One, I was in the US Navy for ten years and served as a commissioned officer on a nuclear-powered submarine. Act Two was two decades was as an executive in high-tech that included seven moves, two years in Asia, and a metric butt-load of airline miles.

Writing is my Act Three. I always knew I’d get to this place in my life–it just took forty-odd years to get here. I write science fiction under my own name and alternate history-military thrillers with a writing partner, JR Olson. JR is a twenty-five year US Navy veteran who spent most of his career in naval intelligence. We write and blog together under the name The Two Navy Guys.

Since my leap into writing, I’ve released a sci-fi series called The Dream Guild Chronicles, and a bunch of short fiction. The Two Navy Guys published Weapons of Mass Deception, a novel about modern-day nuclear terrorism, in May.

Why are you writing for the Immortality Chronicles?

Did you say ImmorTality Chronicles? Oh no, I thought this was the Immorality Chronicles—I need to get my story back from Samuel right now!

Seriously, it’s such an honor to be part of what Samuel is doing with these short fiction anthologies. Ever since I reviewed Telepath Chronicles last year I wanted to be part of it. I even went so far as to write a “reserve” story for AI Chronicles called “I, Caroline,” but all the invited authors came through–which is a good thing.

The fact that the anthology is benefiting a literary cause just makes it sweeter for me. I’ve always been a huge reader and I think every kid needs books in their life.

David author pic - cropped-minWhat did you write for The Immortality Chronicles?

My story, “Legacy,” is about a brilliant inventor named Edward Stemm who loses a leg in the Iraq War. When he gets home, he is dissatisfied with the available prosthetics and forms a company called Stemm Bionics. As time goes on—and Edward gets older—he replaces most of his own body with bionics. When the story opens, Edward is being sued by his great-granddaughter and CEO of Stemm Bionics to force him out of his own company.

In “Legacy,” Edward pursues the goal of life extension to the exclusion of all else—including living. At the end of story he makes a final choice about how he wants to live. The underlying theme of the story is that our entire culture is built on the transience of human life. Much of what we do in our lives—raise children, win awards, build inheritances—is with an eye toward how we will be remembered when we’re gone.

Did I mention I was an English major as well as a naval officer? I could go on about this stuff all day…

How can we find out more about you and your writing?

The best way is to visit my website at www.davidbruns.com. You can browse all my work and even download the David Bruns Starter Library for free.

What’s next for you?

I have a short story in the upcoming Cyborg Chronicles and another in Tails of the Apocalypse, edited by Chris Pourteau. My writing partner and I have started writing the sequel to Weapons of Mass Deception. Last month, my first-ever submarine story, called Voyage of the Orca, was published as the first episode of a serial novel in the anthology, Experiments & Enchantments. Episode Two is calling. I like to work on more than one thing at a time.

Meet The Immortals — Harlow C. Fallon


We’ve reached the halfway mark on authors featured in the upcoming anthology, The Immortality Chronicles. Today I have the privilege of introducing Harlow C. Fallon. Harlow is the anchor on this anthology, and for good reason. Her story is one that I know people will be talking (maybe even raving) about once reviews start pouring in. Her tale takes both angles — positioning her protagonist (and antagonist?) both in the past, journeying to the New World in the 1600’s, and also in the future, journeying to a distant world in a spaceship. I loved the ties to history, but the very speculative nature of the tale.

To read it for yourself, go and preorder The Immortality Chronicles for just $2.99.

And in case you missed it, previous interviews are already up with: Patricia Gilliam, John Gregory Hancock, Drew Avera, Gareth Foy, D.K. Cassidy, Thomas Robins, and E.E. Giorgi. Interviews with the rest of the roster will be coming next week. Now…on to Harlow’s interview:

11796327_10153423837640170_1900403244562143189_nWho are you?

Ah, the age-old question: Who am I? What is my purpose in this world? Okay, fine, I won’t go the philosophical route. My name is Harlow Fallon and I’m the author of the Elmwyn Journey books, All the Wild Places and the Reach of the Hand. I’m also married, the mother of five grown children, and I’ve lived in Michigan for the past fifteen years.

Why are you writing for the Immortality Chronicles?

I’ve enjoyed reading the Chronicles since they first launched, and, of course, dreamed of seeing one of my own short stories published in a Chronicles anthology. But I wasn’t published yet. Working on it…oh so close…but hadn’t pushed the publish button. So I didn’t feel qualified to be included. I had a short story I thought would be perfect for one of the Chronicles, but held back until that day I became a published author. That step gave me enough confidence to ask Samuel Peralta if he’d consider my short story for another volume, The Immortality Chronicles. Samuel was gracious enough to give my story a read, and he agreed to include it. I’m very grateful to him for giving me the chance to finally have one of my short stories published, and in such an amazing series as the Future Chronicles.

What did you write for The Immortality Chronicles?

The title of my story is “A Long Horizon,” about a young woman in 1620s London who longs for a new life in Virginia. She boards a ship headed to the New World, but her course drastically changes when she is abducted from the ship by an alien entity and kept alive for 900 years until deep space travel becomes a reality. She’s an unwilling host to the alien on a ship headed to his home planet. The story explores the themes of isolation and loneliness, and how the loyal friendship of even one person can make a difference in a life.

harlowHow can we find out more about you and your writing?

You can find me on Facebook: facebook.com/harlowcfallon (feel free to friend or follow me). I’m also on Twitter: https://twitter.com/harlowcfallon and you can check out my books and short stories on my Amazon page: www.amazon.com/author/harlowfallon. I also have a website: www.harlowcfallon.com but it’s languishing at the moment. And one more: Instagram. https://instagram.com/hcfallon. I think that’s it. Whew.

What’s next for you?

I’m very excited about a new anthology in the works curated by author Chris Pourteau, called Tails of the Apocalypse. Each apocalyptic or dystopian story has an animal which plays an important role. The anthology springs from Chris’s own very popular story, Unconditional, about a dog who searches for his boy during a zombie apocalypse. I’ll have a story in the anthology, called “The Bear’s Child.” I’m honored to be included and to be sharing the limelight with some really amazing authors.

I also have a couple of novels in the works that I hope to finish and publish in 2016.

Anything else we need to know about you and your story?

Nothing more about me. I’m a no-frills kind of person. But I do want to say thank you to Sam for all his work, and for consistently putting out an incredible series of anthologies. Also thank you to Carol Davis for all her hard work editing this volume. And I want to mention how proud I am of supporting First Book with the proceeds from the sales of The Immortality Chronicles. Thank you, Will for your part in this. First Book puts new books in the hands of children in need. It’s a wonderful organization. www.firstbook.org.

Meet The Immortals — Thomas Robins


Out of all the authors featured in The Immortality Chronicles, I’ve known Thomas Robins the longest. Him and I go back to the first months of each of our publishing careers when we were both firmly entrenched in writing WOOL fanfic. I consider Thomas to be a great friend and I’ve always been a fan of his work. I can wholeheartedly recommend his novel Desperate to Escape and I get a kick whenever I see something new from him in my inbox.

Thomas’ approach to immortality is a bit different than the other writers in this collection as he details below. I hope you read and enjoy his story as much as I did when I first read it.

Before you settle in for a brief interview with Thomas, here are the links to the previous Immortal interviews:

Patricia Gilliam / John Gregory Hancock / Drew Avera / Gareth Foy / D.K. Cassidy

…and here is Thomas Robins:

11796327_10153423837640170_1900403244562143189_nWho are you?

My name is Thomas Robins and I am an author every Wednesday night between the hours of 6 pm and 10 pm. My office is a Starbucks and my drink of choice is hot green tea. The rest of the week, I am a father, husband, coach, and I am gainfully employed at a public school. My best ideas for stories come when I am mowing the lawn and if I can remember them until Wednesday, you get to read them, too. I am desperately dependent on word-of-mouth to get people to read my books because, come Wednesday night, I have to decide between promoting and writing, and I almost always choose writing.

Why are you writing for The Immortality Chronicles?

This will be my third story appearing in a book where proceeds go to charity. It’s a great feeling to know my creative ventures are helping raise funds for worthy causes. Plus, the Future Chronicles series is the premiere place for indie and established authors to find themselves these days. All of them are amazing and I have been itching to be in one for a while. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be in a Future Chronicles book by the end of the year and, come September 4th, that resolution comes true. Might be my first completed resolution…ever.

What did you write for The Immortality Chronicles?

Eternity Today. I’m going to say something your not going to like and I want you to promise you won’t stop reading once I tell you. Promise? Eh? Ok, good. This is a time loop story. It is, I can’t call it anything else. Now, let me tell you why it’s OK. In most time loop stories, a few characters know what’s going on and everyone else is oblivious (like Bill Murray was the only person aware  in Groundhog Day). However, in Eternity Today, everyone on Earth knows what is happening. The theme I’m exploring is how society would evolve, or devolve, given an unlimited amount of time: if everyone were suddenly made immortal.

4405421How can we find out more about you and your writing?

Here’s the pitch, are you ready? I’ll wait…I have a blog, but the updates are hit and miss. I have an amazon page, but it feels cluttered. What I really want you to do is sign up for my newsletter. It’s usually about four months between newsletters, but it’s the best way to know when something new is coming out. I also offer a limited number of signed paperbacks at rock bottom prices when I send out the newsletter. Click here and make my day.

What’s next for you?

I’ve been invited to be in the upcoming Shapeshifter Chronicles. Plus, I have a couple personal projects I’ve been working on. If you want to keep up, then…you guessed it…sign up for the newsletter.

Anything else we need to know about you and your story?

You’ve read a lot about me, I want to make it about you for a moment. If you are thinking about writing, go for it. Even if you never publish, get your stories out of your head and on paper (or computer). Share them if you can. A few years ago I would never have believed I’d be writing for something as great as Immortality Chronicles, but here I am. If you have a drive inside you, follow it. All you need is some time every Wednesday night between 6 pm and 10 pm.

Meet The Immortals — Drew Avera


This is the third in a series of interviews with authors of The Immortality Chronicles. 

I first featured Patricia Gilliam on Sunday (Click here) and yesterday I talked to John Gregory Hancock (Click here). Next up is Drew Avera, author of many different short stories and tales. I first read a short story by Drew back in 2013 with his World War II-inspired alternate history story Reich. Drew has a very active imagination and I’m glad to see him debut in the Future Chronicles with his Immortality story.

Once again, to read The Immortality Chronicles on Launch Day, you can get it now for just $2.99.

Now, for the interview:

11796327_10153423837640170_1900403244562143189_nWho are you?

My name is Drew Avera (pronounced Avery) and I live in Virginia, that’s right, I’m right down the street from where Pocahontas saved John Smith and they fell in love in the popular Disney movie from the 1990s. An interesting thing to note is that I’ve never seen the waterfall from the movie which leads me to believe that the portrayal we grew up with is actually based on a familiar story from an alternate universe. But then again, it’s on a cartoon, right?

Why are you writing for The Immortality Chronicles?

I’m writing for The Immortality Chronicles because I’ve been a fan of The Future Chronicles and know a bunch of the past contributors. I raised my hand nervously at roll call and Sam said “yes” to which I yelled “YIPPEE” and threw my back out attempting a back flip. The fact that my body was as broken as it was actually prompted the basis for my story.

Note: I’m a liar, I simply pretended to throw my back out and was never in any real danger 😉

11742948_1461996154122086_2371206396599843693_nWhat did you write for The Immortality Chronicles?

My story is called A Severance of Souls and it is about a man burdened with preserving human life by giving up his own humanity. Nigel was inspired by Dr. Sheldon Cooper and my own demented representation of the antihero. If I’m honest with myself then I would also admit that I’m obsessed with death to a certain degree and balance myself on the cusp of fearing it and being mildly curious about it. Alas, I’m never honest with myself so the last two sentences are nonsense…

How can we find out more about you and your writing?

If you feel inclined then go to my website at www.drewavera.wordpress.com and read The Story Behind The Story about most of my published books and stories. You can also sign up for my mailing list and get some freebies.

What’s next for you?

I’m working on more short stories at the moment and have about six or seven planned to release in the next year or so. I’m going to be away from home quite a bit so my focus will be on wrapping up a few loose ends and putting out more stories.

Anything else we need to know about you and your story?

Each of my stories deals with a fear I have. I don’t start the story knowing exactly which phobia will be presented, but I think two emerged from this story. Death and loneliness; those are two things I think most people can relate to being at least moderately afraid of.

Also, it was a pleasure to take part in my first The Future Chronicles’ anthology. Thank you so much Sam and Carol for your help in molding my story into something better than I thought I could achieve, and for making it fun!

Meet The Immortals — John Gregory Hancock


The Immortality Chronicles is officially released on Friday, September 4. In preparation for the launch, I’m conducting interviews with my fellow authors from the anthology.

Yesterday, I interviewed Patricia Gilliam. You can find that HERE.

Today, my subject is John Gregory Hancock. And yes, I’m sure he gets tons of grief about his name and perhaps even his signature. I’ve known John for a few years and I’m thrilled for him to get a chance to showcase his best work in this collection (and yes, I believe his Immortality short story is a great piece of fiction). I previously had a chance to read his novel ROOF and the man has an imagination worthy of inclusion in this edition of The Future Chronicles.

The Immortality Chronicles is on sale for just $2.99 until Launch Day.

Without further ado, John Gregory Hancock:

11796327_10153423837640170_1900403244562143189_nWho are you?

My full (and real) name is John Gregory Hancock. When I was a kid, there was no internet. There was barely television. But there were books. My hometown library allowed you to only check out 10 books or so for two weeks. I think. Whatever the limit was, that’s exactly how many books I put in the basket between the handlebars of my bike. For two weeks, I’d travel the cosmos, fight the dragons, live 20,000 leagues under the sea, solve mysteries with Watson, and ask if androids dream of electric sheep.

I grew up in the sixties, with access to the golden age of science fiction. I was always told to go outside and play, stop reading so much. As if!

I work as a graphic designer and illustrator for the last 30 years and counting, More than that really, but let’s just be done talking about how old I am. Enough with my life story, already.

What I am now is an indie author that has published eclectic anthologies of my own, a couple of novels (novellas perhaps) and have illustrated each of them.

I like to say I’m a storyteller because I want to tell the story and stay out of its way. If the story is good enough, no one notices the storyteller, they’re looking at the tale as it is created behind their eyes. That is the sweet spot. That’s where I want to live.

Why are you writing for The Immortality Chronicles?

I cannot come up with a single reason why I wouldn’t want to. Really, why anyone wouldn’t want to. Have you read any of the other chronicles? If not, stop reading this right now, go out and buy The Dragon Chronicles (as an example) read it, and come back to me and try to convince me why I wouldn’t want to be part of this amazing set of books.

Good luck. You couldn’t do it. And, you wouldn’t want to.

11145234_886128228139578_2995516610234344992_oWhat did you write for The Immortality Chronicles? 

I wrote the story The Antares Cigar Shoppe.

I knew the topic of immortality was well-traveled. So I set about to create a story that spanned millions of years, not just decades or centuries. I wanted to write about what that kind of immortality would actually mean. And, I wanted to compress the impact of a great expanse of time into a single, seemingly mundane day on the planet Curie Prime. That was the challenge I set for myself.

How can we find out more about you and your writing?

Mostly, you can go to my author site: http://www.johngregoryhancock.com which will have links to all sorts of thing about me, or my amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/John-Gregory-Hancock/e/B00B8ECQMW

What’s next for you?

I’m in the weird place of multiple simultaneous projects. Some I can talk about. I’m retooling a short gothic horror piece into an illustrated novella that will be titled The Mortuary Arts. I’m working with another author to produce what we plan to be a comedic thriller. I’ve started a sequel to ROOF, called ROOF WORLD: Nike’s Choice. I have outlined a sideways sequel to Crawlspace that will be titled Banyan’s Law, the origins of Jack and Marisol Banyan. I have outlined a science fiction drama entitled Return to Me, My Beloved.

I have a notebook with over 30 short story ideas, and adding more all the time.

Because I rely on my lucid dreams for plot ideas, every time I go to sleep I could harvest another one.

Anything else we need to know about you and your story?

These are things not included in the story itself, but in my notes and intent before writing it:

In case you’re wondering, the name of the planet Curie Prime refers to Madame Curie. Because she’s a French scientist. The character names and some of the words are French. My device there is that a certain pivotal character grew up in ancient France on Earth.

Antares and Antares B do exist in reality as a supergiant and blue companion star.

There is no Badeaux cigar, harvested at the precise peak of maturity, the leaves delicately aged over steam produced from slowly roasting silkworms. But there ought to be.

Why is it set in a cigar shoppe? Why NOT a cigar shoppe? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Or is it? Until we open the wrapper, do we really know?

Hmmm. Schroedinger’s cigar. excuse me, I have another idea.

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I’m a terrible promoter. There are a lot of indie authors out there who have no shame in sticking their books in your face and daring you to buy their books or unfriend them. I hope I’m not one of those people — I really try hard not to be. But, I’ll put out the plea here for a few days — buy my books!

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