A Few Items…


Just a few things to let you know about today: 

— The audiobook of Ant Apocalypse is done! My narrator, Sean Lenhart, did a fantastic job evoking the comedic horror of my short story. I really enjoyed listening to it (when I wasn’t utterly creeped out by the words I, myself, wrote). It is on sale at Amazon.com with a link for iTunes coming later. To celebrate, I’ve marked the Kindle version of the story down to FREE today only. That’s right — FREEEEEE!! ANTS!!! Then download the audiobook and enjoy it together!

— My book Dead Sleep has been a Countdown Deal this week. Still just 99 cents through the weekend for U.S. Amazon customers. (I’ll take care of the UK readers later — I promise!) If you never picked this up, now would be a great time. A total of 19 reviews on Amazon and 16 of those are 5-star. 

— The next book in the trilogy, Dead Sight, is now a Countdown Deal, beginning today! You can pick up both full-length novels for less than 2 bucks for a couple days! I wrote the bulk of this book in November, 2013 (NaNoWriMo) and it has 10 reviews — all with a five-star rating. People are loving it and you can get it super-cheap right now!

— I’m done bragging on myself, but I can’t leave this without mentioning my buddy Logan Thomas Snyder also has a Countdown Deal of his WOOL series The Disappeared right now for just 99 cents. Great stuff. 



A Short Story with Long Legs — for FREE!


25 Reviews.

It’s a milestone and as such, it is time to celebrate.

What for you say?

ImageANT APOCALYPSE. My short story that proved to have some long legs.

I was knee deep in the self-publishing world last summer…having released a short story, a novel and then my Silo novella, all within a two-month time period. I was emailing and talking with other authors and really enjoying the experience.

Then one morning, I woke up and checked my phone. I found a tweet from Lyndon Perry, a fellow self-published author, musing about a can of ant spray. I don’t remember the tweet exactly, but it was something to the extent of “it claims to kill ants for up to 14 days. What happens after the 14th day?”

I tweeted back, “ANTAPOCALYPSE.”

Lyn tweeted back, “You should write that story.”

And then I tweeted, “Hmmmm….”

At that moment, I didn’t really plan to, but the concept wouldn’t leave my brain, eventually evolving into a tale of zombie ants, terrorizing a man at his wit’s end. That little seed of an idea became ANT APOCALYPSE. I commissioned a wicked cover from Jason Gurley and went ahead on writing the 15,000 word story, which I published in September last year.

Over the five works I have published, I have accumulated 68 reviews on Amazon. A whopping 25 of those reviews are for AA, which I didn’t expect in a million years. The story was simply one I had to write to get it out of my brain. I didn’t aim for literary genius, and even called it my “quick and dirty” little story for a while, just intending to publish it for funsies.

And so, to celebrate this achievement, I will have ANT APOCALYPSE free on today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday, January 29 & 30) this week. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, download and enjoy it now.

Here are some of my favorite reviews:


Creepy crawly ants…

“This bit of horror is a slow burn – fun and well-written, but long on anticipation, so hang in there. It’s written in that memoir-ish style that catapults you along toward a finish you know is coming, but dread all the same. Clean and creepy.” – Lyn Perry


“The story line is reminiscent of those oh-so-popular “B” science fiction movies. I can just hear the MST3K team making fun of the scenes while I read the book, but that is a good thing because this was supposed to be campy story.

I identified with the dreaded ant invasion, as I have one every year at my own house, but the story slowly wraps and twists the horror into itself until you realize you are on the edge of your seat (as I did when there was a noise from the next room and I jumped.)” – Thomas R


“THE POINT IS, this is one amusing… and creepy… story. Well-crafted and draws you in, it’s hard to put down. Except when you get the heebie jeebies. Segmented insects….crawling where they don’t belong…. yikes!” – J. Hancock


Not my hand. Seriously, there is no way I would have held still long enough for a picture to be taken.

“…a very interesting tale with very fleshed out characters, and some very villainous tiny ants. I thoroughly enjoyed Ant Apocalypse and would recommend it to anyone with a love of Stephen King.” – Joshua Cooper


“The ending? A whole new level of creepy. If you like a fast read with an unexpected turn or two, you’ll like this horror-lite story. Even if it is creepy.” – Deb Robbins


“Suffice it to say, this is one scary story that will make you look at ants differently. Ouch and WOW!” – A Navy Vet

So there you have it – without giving away too much, I’ll give away the whole story. Enjoy!



Halloween is turning out to be a treat for book-lovers. There are four books I know of that are free over the next few days which are normally not — perfect time to go pick them up.

ImageFirst off, go get Peter Cawdron’s Little Green Men. Seriously. Do it now.

I reviewed it already a few months ago and it will be well worth your time. Cawdron drew his inspiration from the Philip K. Dick stories we all grew up on and achieved his goal tremendously. A classic sci-fi tale written in modern times. LGM is free today through Nov. 3.

Next is Blood Moon by Carol Davis.

I also reviewed Blood Moon a few weeks ago and did a short interview with author Carol Davis. Carol is fairly new to the self-publishing scene on Amazon, but not new to writing. Carol has got some serious writing chops and Blood Moon shows it. A good werewolf story told in a new way. Blood Moon will be free on Halloween day.

ImageAlso free right now is Eric Tozzi’s The Scout.

This is the only one out of the bunch I haven’t yet had a chance to sink my teeth into, but boy does it look good. Very highly recommended by friends of mine, Tozzi’s book tells the story of an alien scout that was sent to survey the earth. Tozzi’s background lends itself perfectly to his first written work. From his Amazon author page: “For over five years I worked for NASA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a documentary producer and editor, covering Mars Exploration.” I know I’ll be reading this as soon as I get a chance.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Nighthawks at the Mission by Forbes West.

This book can probably best be summed up in this review by Michael Bunker. “Nighthawks at the Mission is an epic, fantasy, sci-fi, tour-de-force. It is also a slightly demented, scatter-brained, fragmented, meme-dropping, allusion-riddled, drug-addled, Jack Kerouac-like, stream-of-consciousness mind thumping that dares you to “get it.”

Also right now, I’m offering my own sci-fi horror short story Ant Apocalypse free today and tomorrow.

The set-up is simple — a man in a house with ants. What happens when those ants become more than what the man expects? If you download it and read it, I’d love for you to leave me a review on Amazon for it.

Anyway — that’s what I’ve got for now. Go get some great reading material!!




First off, can we just admire the amazing cover for a moment?

I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything — the very talented Jason Gurley designed it for me. In fact, when I asked him, it was mid-July and I hadn’t even started writing it yet. I believe the best description I gave him was I wanted a 70’s B-movie vibe. No plot or anything. 

Bam. Mission accomplished. 

Today I released the short story to some favorable response. So, what’s the deal and how did it come about? 

We’ll have to go back to mid-July. I think it was a Saturday morning or something — pretty early if I remember correctly, when I checked my phone and saw a tweet from Lyndon Perry, a fellow WOOL writer. Perry had tweeted this: “A TV advertisement for Raid, an insecticide spray, claims that it ‘kills ants for two weeks.’ Wonders what happens on the fifteenth day…”

My response?


Perry replied with a quip that I should write that story, something I doubt he expected. I quipped right back initially, but it really got me thinking. Since my wife and I moved into our home in 2002, we have had trouble with ants. Small, black, six-legged terrorists. I knew I could tell this story. 

A lot of it is biographical, except for the part where the ants turn into zombies, of course. 

It’s a short story, clocking in at just under 16,000 words, good for about an hour of reading, depending on how fast you read. I wanted to go for that B-movie feel with terror from the crawling menace along with a healthy dose of humor alongside. After hearing back from the beta readers, I think I achieved what I was going for. 

I really haven’t shilled my products here, but I also wanted to explain the story a bit better than I could on Facebook or Twitter. I hope you’ll try it and if you like it, certainly write up a review on Amazon for me. 

If you don’t — at least you’ll have a wonderful piece of art, courtesy of Jason Gurley. Wow. What a cover.