Meet The Immortals — E.E. Giorgi


I’m thrilled to share book space with E.E. Giorgi, who is a Future Chronicles veteran like myself. I’ve loved her work so far from her story in The Telepath Chronicles to Akaela. (…and now that I’m talking about her, I realized I owe her a review for her outstanding book Gene Cards…)

The Immortality Chronicles drops on Friday, Sept. 4 featuring stories by Patricia Gilliam, John Gregory Hancock, Drew Avera, Gareth Foy, D.K. Cassidy, Thomas Robins, E.E. Giorgi, Harlow C. Fallon, David Bruns, Paul B. Kohler, D. Robert Pease, and myself. The anthology is curated by Samuel Peralta and edited by Carol Davis. Until launch day, you can get the collection for just $2.99.

And here are a few words from E.E. Giorgi:

11796327_10153423837640170_1900403244562143189_nWho are you?

My name is E.E. Giorgi and I am a scientist, a photographer, and a writer. I write thrillers with a scientific premise and dystopian YA. I also write non-fiction articles about genetics and epigenetics for the general public.

Why are you writing for The Immortality Chronicles?

The topic has always fascinated me. Our lives have only one certainty: death. It’s the one thing that we dread the most, both for us and for our loved ones, and yet, as hard as we try, there’s no way to escape from our destiny. But how would life be without death? The first time I entertained the notion was when I read the Immortal by Jorge Luis Borges. He writes:

There is nothing remarkable about being immortal; with the exception of mankind, all creatures are immortal, for they know nothing of death. What is divine, terrible, and incomprehensible is to know oneself immortal.

So, immortality may not exist, but it is a philosophical concept that leaves us baffled. Death makes us vulnerable. It humbles us, it makes every day special and unique because there’s no repetition. And yet, we live everyday thinking that we are immortal, because if we didn’t, what would be the purpose of living?

I’m really grateful to Samuel Peralta for allowing me to explore all these themes and be part of this remarkable anthology.

giorgiWhat did you write for The Immortality Chronicles?

Blurb: “A mercenary returns to his home after almost losing his life in the war he fought for another country. The technology that saved him gave him a curse, one that he willingly accepted so that he could see, for one more time, his true love.”

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but the story was inspired by a real person. I write about her at the end of my story. 🙂

How can we find out more about you and your writing?

Check out my blog (, my book page in particular ( and sign up for my newsletter (

What’s next for you?

I’m finishing book 2 in the Mayake Chronicles, a YA dystopian series I launched last May. I have two more books in this series that I will publish in 2016, together with the sequel of my futuristic thriller Gene Cards. And, hopefully, a couple more stories in the Future Chronicles. 🙂

Anything else we need to know about you and your story?

My most selling book is Chimeras, an award-winning detective thriller with a genetic premise, and a sample of my work is in the anthology Lady Lilith and Other Stories, which features my first Future Chronicle story, The Elm Tree (appeared in The Telepath Chronicles. I also have a book set in the Apocalypse Weird world, titled Immunity, a thriller whose premise spurs from my work on viruses.

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