Meet The Immortals — Drew Avera


This is the third in a series of interviews with authors of The Immortality Chronicles. 

I first featured Patricia Gilliam on Sunday (Click here) and yesterday I talked to John Gregory Hancock (Click here). Next up is Drew Avera, author of many different short stories and tales. I first read a short story by Drew back in 2013 with his World War II-inspired alternate history story Reich. Drew has a very active imagination and I’m glad to see him debut in the Future Chronicles with his Immortality story.

Once again, to read The Immortality Chronicles on Launch Day, you can get it now for just $2.99.

Now, for the interview:

11796327_10153423837640170_1900403244562143189_nWho are you?

My name is Drew Avera (pronounced Avery) and I live in Virginia, that’s right, I’m right down the street from where Pocahontas saved John Smith and they fell in love in the popular Disney movie from the 1990s. An interesting thing to note is that I’ve never seen the waterfall from the movie which leads me to believe that the portrayal we grew up with is actually based on a familiar story from an alternate universe. But then again, it’s on a cartoon, right?

Why are you writing for The Immortality Chronicles?

I’m writing for The Immortality Chronicles because I’ve been a fan of The Future Chronicles and know a bunch of the past contributors. I raised my hand nervously at roll call and Sam said “yes” to which I yelled “YIPPEE” and threw my back out attempting a back flip. The fact that my body was as broken as it was actually prompted the basis for my story.

Note: I’m a liar, I simply pretended to throw my back out and was never in any real danger 😉

11742948_1461996154122086_2371206396599843693_nWhat did you write for The Immortality Chronicles?

My story is called A Severance of Souls and it is about a man burdened with preserving human life by giving up his own humanity. Nigel was inspired by Dr. Sheldon Cooper and my own demented representation of the antihero. If I’m honest with myself then I would also admit that I’m obsessed with death to a certain degree and balance myself on the cusp of fearing it and being mildly curious about it. Alas, I’m never honest with myself so the last two sentences are nonsense…

How can we find out more about you and your writing?

If you feel inclined then go to my website at and read The Story Behind The Story about most of my published books and stories. You can also sign up for my mailing list and get some freebies.

What’s next for you?

I’m working on more short stories at the moment and have about six or seven planned to release in the next year or so. I’m going to be away from home quite a bit so my focus will be on wrapping up a few loose ends and putting out more stories.

Anything else we need to know about you and your story?

Each of my stories deals with a fear I have. I don’t start the story knowing exactly which phobia will be presented, but I think two emerged from this story. Death and loneliness; those are two things I think most people can relate to being at least moderately afraid of.

Also, it was a pleasure to take part in my first The Future Chronicles’ anthology. Thank you so much Sam and Carol for your help in molding my story into something better than I thought I could achieve, and for making it fun!

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