Meet The Immortals — John Gregory Hancock


The Immortality Chronicles is officially released on Friday, September 4. In preparation for the launch, I’m conducting interviews with my fellow authors from the anthology.

Yesterday, I interviewed Patricia Gilliam. You can find that HERE.

Today, my subject is John Gregory Hancock. And yes, I’m sure he gets tons of grief about his name and perhaps even his signature. I’ve known John for a few years and I’m thrilled for him to get a chance to showcase his best work in this collection (and yes, I believe his Immortality short story is a great piece of fiction). I previously had a chance to read his novel ROOF and the man has an imagination worthy of inclusion in this edition of The Future Chronicles.

The Immortality Chronicles is on sale for just $2.99 until Launch Day.

Without further ado, John Gregory Hancock:

11796327_10153423837640170_1900403244562143189_nWho are you?

My full (and real) name is John Gregory Hancock. When I was a kid, there was no internet. There was barely television. But there were books. My hometown library allowed you to only check out 10 books or so for two weeks. I think. Whatever the limit was, that’s exactly how many books I put in the basket between the handlebars of my bike. For two weeks, I’d travel the cosmos, fight the dragons, live 20,000 leagues under the sea, solve mysteries with Watson, and ask if androids dream of electric sheep.

I grew up in the sixties, with access to the golden age of science fiction. I was always told to go outside and play, stop reading so much. As if!

I work as a graphic designer and illustrator for the last 30 years and counting, More than that really, but let’s just be done talking about how old I am. Enough with my life story, already.

What I am now is an indie author that has published eclectic anthologies of my own, a couple of novels (novellas perhaps) and have illustrated each of them.

I like to say I’m a storyteller because I want to tell the story and stay out of its way. If the story is good enough, no one notices the storyteller, they’re looking at the tale as it is created behind their eyes. That is the sweet spot. That’s where I want to live.

Why are you writing for The Immortality Chronicles?

I cannot come up with a single reason why I wouldn’t want to. Really, why anyone wouldn’t want to. Have you read any of the other chronicles? If not, stop reading this right now, go out and buy The Dragon Chronicles (as an example) read it, and come back to me and try to convince me why I wouldn’t want to be part of this amazing set of books.

Good luck. You couldn’t do it. And, you wouldn’t want to.

11145234_886128228139578_2995516610234344992_oWhat did you write for The Immortality Chronicles? 

I wrote the story The Antares Cigar Shoppe.

I knew the topic of immortality was well-traveled. So I set about to create a story that spanned millions of years, not just decades or centuries. I wanted to write about what that kind of immortality would actually mean. And, I wanted to compress the impact of a great expanse of time into a single, seemingly mundane day on the planet Curie Prime. That was the challenge I set for myself.

How can we find out more about you and your writing?

Mostly, you can go to my author site: which will have links to all sorts of thing about me, or my amazon author page:

What’s next for you?

I’m in the weird place of multiple simultaneous projects. Some I can talk about. I’m retooling a short gothic horror piece into an illustrated novella that will be titled The Mortuary Arts. I’m working with another author to produce what we plan to be a comedic thriller. I’ve started a sequel to ROOF, called ROOF WORLD: Nike’s Choice. I have outlined a sideways sequel to Crawlspace that will be titled Banyan’s Law, the origins of Jack and Marisol Banyan. I have outlined a science fiction drama entitled Return to Me, My Beloved.

I have a notebook with over 30 short story ideas, and adding more all the time.

Because I rely on my lucid dreams for plot ideas, every time I go to sleep I could harvest another one.

Anything else we need to know about you and your story?

These are things not included in the story itself, but in my notes and intent before writing it:

In case you’re wondering, the name of the planet Curie Prime refers to Madame Curie. Because she’s a French scientist. The character names and some of the words are French. My device there is that a certain pivotal character grew up in ancient France on Earth.

Antares and Antares B do exist in reality as a supergiant and blue companion star.

There is no Badeaux cigar, harvested at the precise peak of maturity, the leaves delicately aged over steam produced from slowly roasting silkworms. But there ought to be.

Why is it set in a cigar shoppe? Why NOT a cigar shoppe? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Or is it? Until we open the wrapper, do we really know?

Hmmm. Schroedinger’s cigar. excuse me, I have another idea.

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