Preorder The Immortality Chronicles



I would like to take a brief moment here in the middle of Future Chronicles Week to officially announce the preorder for the next Chronicles title — The Immortality Chronicles.

From the official Amazon page:

What if you could live forever? Defy death itself? Even now, scientific advances in regenerative medicine, life extension, cryonics, cybernetics, and in other areas have brought humans to the brink of solving life’s final conundrum.

In this volume of the acclaimed ‘Future Chronicles’ anthology series, twelve authors imagine that uninterrupted journey, confronting not just how, but what it means when human life can continue indefinitely, invulnerable, immortal.

“The Immortality Chronicles” features stories by award-winning scientist and author E.E. Giorgi (Chimeras), Amazon bestselling author Will Swardstrom (Contact Window) and ten more of today’s most visionary authors in science and speculative fiction.

I am lucky enough to have a story in this collection and I’m thrilled to have it out to you guys in less than a month. But beyond my own story, there are some fantastic yarns sprinkled throughout this one. I’ve read stories by most of my fellow authors in this anthology and there is a lot to look forward to. While E.E. Giorgi and Thomas Robins join me as veterans of Chronicles anthologies, there are some great new voices ready for the limelight: Drew Avera, David Bruns, Harlow C. Fallon, Gareth Foy, Patricia Gilliam, John Gregory Hancock, D.K. Cassidy, Paul Kohler, and D. Robert Pease.

So many new authors, yet the backbone of the Chronicles is intact with Samuel Peralta curating and producing this volume with Carol Davis handling the editing duties. Perhaps the biggest difference between Immortality and the rest of the other Chronicles titles to this point is the beneficiary: First Book. This will be the first (but not last) Chronicles title to benefit a charity. And what better charity than First Book, which literally puts books in the hands of disadvantaged children across the U.S. and Canada. To find out more about First Book, visit them —> HERE.

SO….not only will you get another anthology jam-packed with sci-fi and speculative tales, but you’ll also be helping the children who need books the most to gain greater access to reading.

I hope to feature some of the other authors in the next few weeks, leading up to the Sept. 4 launch day for The Immortality Chronicles, but for now, let’s talk about my story.

So what’s my story? Here, for the first time, is the official synopsis of THE CONTROL.

A moment exists for everyone—a moment between disaster and victory. It was there, in that moment, where I lived. Always waiting. Always letting my fate be determined by others. Always hovering between a rousing triumph and a crushing catastrophe. I was that moment. But my moment was not to be under my control.

My name is Bek and I am immortal.

Yeah, I know. A little vague. Suffice it to say, it spans the entirety of civilization featuring Egyptian mythology and aliens. If that sounds up your alley, go preorder your copy today!

Oh…and if you didn’t already, go to Susan Kaye Quinn’s site for a chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite preloaded with all the Chronicles titles thus far. CLICK HERE for the giveaway page. (GIVEAWAY now closed. Thanks to all who entered!)


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