Buy My Books! (If you want to, that is…)


I’m a terrible promoter. There are a lot of indie authors out there who have no shame in sticking their books in your face and daring you to buy their books or unfriend them. I hope I’m not one of those people — I really try hard not to be. But, I’ll put out the plea here for a few days — buy my books!

I’ve put each of my eligible books up for a Kindle Countdown Deal, meaning their normal price above $2.99 will be 99 cents for the next week. You can pick up Dead SleepDead Sight, and Baking With Swords all for just 99 cents each — combined you can get them for less than the price of a Coke at the movie theatre.


DEAD SLEEP (Dead Sleep #1)

What would you do if you could see your future?
For smalltown newspaper reporter Jackson Ellis, the answer is: nothing. Jackson wants to chart his own course – not allow his visions to influence his life. That all changes when he “meets” Kristina Walsh. He sees a future with her – a love that’s destined to be.
The trouble is, she’s lying in a casket in the local funeral home.
That’s what it looks like to the world, but Kristina’s got a secret.
Kristina has a troubled and complicated past of her own. For over a decade, a shadowy organization called The Company has controlled her, and once they discover she’s alive and out of their grasp, they’ll stop at nothing to get her back.
In this debut novel from the best-selling author of the Silo Saga story “The Veil,” Jack and Kristina wage a desperate battle for her freedom – a journey of self-discovery, love and what it means to be human.

Dead Sight ebook

DEAD SIGHT (Dead Sleep #2)

Darkness has overtaken the path…
Once, Jack could see the future. Using that amazing ability, he saved the woman he never knew he loved from a fate she didn’t deserve.
Now, that sight has vanished. He and Kristina are flying blind. The only option? To reach South Dakota and search out the last living link to Jack’s past and discover their shared destiny. They won’t rely on Jack’s vision, but instead will put their faith in a man dead for over 70 years.
Together, they’ll find that even in their weakest moments, they’ve never been stronger. They’ll discover that the secrets they uncovered in Dead Sleep are not the end of the story.
The second book in the Dead Sleep trilogy reunites the reader with Jack and Kristina, propelling them upon a perilous journey even deeper into the stunning world created by Will Swardstrom.
Bonds will be tested. Love will be lost. When faced with an impossible choice, what will Jack choose?

Concept 3BAKING WITH SWORDS: A Short Story Collection

Three stories from two brothers and a sister: Will Swardstrom, Paul K. Swardstrom, and Betsy Baker. Each story with its own unique perspective and genre. The only thread connecting them being family ties between the three authors.

The Price of Greatness by Paul K. Swardstrom
What drives a man? Is it simply being a good person, being a family man, or that single dream of greatness that runs through us all? What if we could have the chance to go back? What is the price of greatness?

Flutter by Betsy Baker
Treasure these moments…children change so fast. What would one mother do when the changes her daughter is going through aren’t so…normal?

A Whimper by Will Swardstrom
At a certain point, human evolution and technology merge, but at what cost? How far will we go before the end is the inevitable conclusion?

EACH of these titles is just 99 cents through next Wednesday. Pick up your copies and tell your friends. And I’ll try not to shove them in your face from here on out. 

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