Book Review – Unconditional


What is it that draws us into zombie stories? Is it the blood and guts? The mindless action, capped off by rolling lopped-off heads, shotgun blasts, and crossbows? The lifeless husks of former friends, colleagues, and strangers, lumbering around daring to infect the remaining population with their sickness?

I would dare to say there’s more than that. We search for humanity in our zombie stories – the remnants of our civilization, recognizable bits that show us there is something left. That not all hope is lost, in spite of the carnage all around.

Unconditional_sml2In Chris Pourteau’s latest short story, Unconditional, we get that taste of the familiar, but from a very unconventional source. Pourteau makes no secret this is a zombie tale, but this one is told from the perspective of the family dog, loyal to his boy. Porteau’s story is phenomenal, short, powerful, and heartbreaking.

I can’t say I cried(some may call me heartless, but I don’t cry easily — sorry!), but I was definitely moved by the tale. I came away with a new-found respect for dogs and wished I was more of a dog-person. While I came away with (mostly) dry eyes, I would dare anyone with attachments to their canine friends to do the same. You’ll want to punch Pourteau in the face when you finish, and that’s a good thing.

In the end, Pourteau has crafted an excellent short story that will leave you wanting more, but grateful for the end all at the same time. A mark of a well-done story.

So…get your copy. Read it and weep. Literally.


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