Book Review — Skynoise


HarlotWith Skynoise, Ernie Lindsey shows why he is one of the most compelling and dynamic indie writers out there. Earlier this year, I found Super, which turned the superhero genre on its ear, and in Skynoise, Lindsey takes the sci-fi trope of time travel and twists a good yarn through years of mysteries and bread crumbs.
One of the greatest mysteries of history is the disappearance of the settlers at the Roanoke Colony, off the coast of modern day North Carolina, back in the 1500’s. Historians to this day are uncertain as to the fate of the early colonists — did they die off? Did they leave with a Native American tribe? Even some even farther-out conspiracy nuts have argued for extra-terrestrials. Lindsey takes the Roanoke mystery and uses it as the central historical narrative to tie the present-day to our time traveling protagonists in a timey-wimey sort of way. As a high school history teacher, I am fascinated by stories like those of Roanoke, and was thrilled when Skynoise started and ended with the Roanoke mystery in full swing.
We quickly meet Helen, a non-fiction author whose latest book tackles the mystery at Roanoke. On her book tour, she repeatedly deals with Chip, who comes across as a conspiracy nut at first. Soon we find out there is a lot more to Chip than we initially see, which is definitely intentional on Mr. Lindsey’s part — this is definitely a story that will make you think in circles. Parts that happen at the beginning or even before the start of our tale are revealed later on; this is a book that would work well in repeated readings.
The best I could compare Skynoise to is “Timecop” plus “Conspiracy Theory” plus maybe a little “The Italian Job.” Lindsey keeps the pace up well, pausing at times to take a breath and to get our characters some important information. In the end, Skynoise is a wonderfully-told, and fun book that showcases Lindsey’s storytelling skills.

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