Collaboration Celebration!


A month ago, I got an email from my author friend Lyndon Perry. I first got to know Lyn through WOOL fan fiction. His story The Last Prayer is a great Silo tale and it really shows how great of a writer he is. We share some other aspects of our lives as well. Both of us are teachers for our day jobs and both of us like to mess around with multiple genres. Lyn’s stories run the gamut from horror to sci-fi to young adult to cozy mysteries. (Seriously — his book Ma Tutt’s Donut Hut is perhaps his best yet.)

The ReturnAnyway, back to the email. Lyn had read my short story Contact Window. He told me later that when he’d read it, he put it down, but couldn’t stop thinking about it and the possibilities of the universe. he ended up writing a story set in my universe, which he called The Return. It’s a quasi-sequel to CW; I might write a true sequel for the characters of CW someday, but he took it in a totally different direction. In fact, the direction he took it in was a total surprise and a total treat. I hadn’t expected the story to begin with and I never would have expected the way he took it.

I ended up adding a little at the beginning and a little rewrite in the middle, but most of the story is his. And it’s a wonderful little tale it is. It shares the same universe and the same little nod of humor that the original story includes as well.

To celebrate the release of the new story, and to give an introduction to the Contact Window Universe, I’m making CW FREE Monday and Tuesday. Pick it up and then get The Return for just 99 cents. Read both and leave me and Lyn a review of our stories. And let me know if the universe of Contact Window is one that is worth exploring in future stories. After I finish my next novel, my writing slate is fairly clear and CW might make a return appearance.

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