Book Review – The Lazarus Particle


Full-disclosure: I am a member of a writing group called LOOW (League of Original WOOLwriters or Legendary Octogenarian Orbiting Whales – whichever you prefer). Logan Thomas Snyder is also a member of this group. We both have stories in the charity anthology, WOOL Gathering. I was given a copy of The Lazarus Particle to read prior to its release, but a favorable review was not expected.
That said, this is a favorable review. Snyder has created a great book with fantastic launching-off points for future books.

 lazparAfter reading The Lazarus Particle, I needed to just sit back and take a deep breath. There is so much going on and the action so intense, it seemed at times as if I was holding my breath waiting for the next shoe to drop.
Scientists gone rogue, bounty hunters, galactic corporations, space battles — in ways reminiscent of John Scalzi, Firefly, and the era of classic sci-fi, Logan Thomas Snyder takes the reader on a wild ride with this complex and epic tale through a huge, well crafted universe.
As a kid, I was a huge Isaac Asimov fan, notably the Foundation series and the Galactic Empire the books are centered around. We’ve seen the huge space-based empire played out on a number of fronts through the years and the competition for real estate throughout the galaxy. Snyder takes this idea and expounds on it with a corporate empire dealing with corporate espionage, a very competent alien race, and action all along this wild ride. One of the great aspects of The Lazarus Particle and the universe Snyder made is that even though two creatures are the same species does not necessarily mean they have the same goals, agendas, or political ideologies. At certain points, I found myself nodding in agreement with the antagonists, only to realize they were the bad guys! What was I doing? Snyder tricked me into liking nearly all of his characters, even if they were slimeballs.
This is an amazing universe Snyder has crafted and I look forward to reading more books set in this universe and dealing with many of the same characters. Well done!


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