Mother – An Acrostic Poem


I owe a lot to my mom. She has always been a rock. I don’t talk to her as much as some people talk to their mothers, but that’s really because I know what she would say. Her words echo in my soul. They made me who I am. 

And so, in honor of my mom, I went old school with an acrostic poem. 

M – My life is better for having you as my mother.
O – Only your strength and love could’ve provided the foundation upon which I live today. 
T – The lessons you taught me, both in words and in actions, resonate within. 
H – Harsh words rarely came from your mouth, but when they did, I knew I’d gone too far. 
E – Eyes and ears of four children (and now six grandchildren) follow you, yet you do not waver. 
R – Remember you are loved, not only because of what you are, but also because of who you are. 

Thanks Mom! 

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