Yep — my first novel, Dead Sleep is on sale this week for less than a buck. Nearly 68,000 words that I wrote all by myself.

Between Dead Sleep and its sequel, Dead Sight, I’ve got 28 reviews on Amazon and all are 4-or 5-stars (in fact, 90% of the reviews are 5-star!) This book is my first novel and something I put a lot of work into. It has definitely been a learning process as well, exposing myself to the world of independent publishing full-force since I hit “publish” last summer.

Dead Sight has been out for over two months now and the third and final book in the series is churning away in my brain, just waiting for some time after high school final exams to put them down on paper. I do have the first chapter written — nearly 2,000 words — of the manuscript for Dead Search. I’ve got a ton of surprises left in store for Jack, Kristina, Donnie Cloyd, and some other characters you haven’t even met yet.

If you haven’t given this book a chance, why don’t you now? It’s just 99 cents in celebration of Cinco de Mayo or Star Wars Day or whatever you want to celebrate. Thanks a ton and happy reading!


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