Bookin’ It!


ImageMy novel Dead Sleep has sold pretty well, all things considered, and I totally appreciate anyone who has read it — and even more for anyone who has gone the extra step of reviewing it. It’s been $2.99 since I released it in July and the paperback is currently $11.24 on Amazon. 

Next Monday (12/16) it will be 99 cents. It’ll be that price for a few days and then jump up to $1.99 for a few more days. It’s part of a new promotion tactic Amazon is using called Countdown Deals. Feel free to check out the Countdown Deal page here (where you can find the awesome Cyberstorm by Matthew Mather and some other great books for great prices right now!) That’s where you’ll find Dead Sleep on Monday and you can buy it for cheap! 

But not only that, I’d really love for you to tell your friends and anyone else you know who loves to read. You can’t sniff at 99 cents and the more downloads I get on Monday and Tuesday the better because it’ll start showing up on the charts and more people will buy it and so on. (It’s like a domino effect with Kindle books)

But you might say — “Will, I’d love to, but I really like to read trilogies!”

I understand. I love series and trilogies myself. That’s why I’m nearing the end of the rough draft of Dead Sight, my sequel to Dead Sleep. I’m pretty pumped about it and I’m hoping to have it out in the next few months. After that will come book 3 and who knows from there? 

But you say — “Will, I don’t have a Kindle!”

Totally understand. But, did you know you can read Kindle books on any smartphone or computer? You just need the Kindle app, which you can find here

But you say — “Will, I don’t like you!”

Also totally understandable. I occasionally don’t like me, either. But that’s OK. I learned all about self-esteem in junior high. I’ll be alright and you don’t have to buy my book if you don’t want to. 

Regardless, I just wanted to plant the seed. Buy the book, tell others about it. Tweet it. Text it. Facebook it. Blog it. Share it. Anything and everything you can do would be fantastic. You can even gift it — Christmas is just around the corner!


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