Expanding the Universe


One of the best things about indie publishing is the reader can have a direct line to the writer. 

I count myself in both camps — I’m a writer, but I love a good story and I’ve made some friends by reading their books along the way. One of those friends is Fredric Shernoff

ImageI first became acquainted with Fred when I read his Silo Saga story, Angels of the Earth. I thought it was a good story and checked up on him, Fortunately for me, he had just released part 2 of his Atlantic Island series. I jumped at it, getting both and devouring them within a couple days this summer. Part 3 was great as well, completing the story Shernoff set off to write in the first place. I really liked it and gave the omnibus a four-star rating on Amazon. 

But…if I had a complaint, it was that there was so much more for Shernoff to explore. He left a lot of room to explore in his dystopian future and there was so much that he could explore. I was actually disappointed that Shernoff was done with the series. I was Okay with the vision Fred had in the first place for Atlantic Island, but I wanted more — and I told him so. Image

Apparently I wasn’t the only one and now Fred is back with more. He just released a short story entitled Galaxi, set about a decade after the events of AI, and revolving around a 13-year-old girl caught in the middle of the political situation of this island. I had the chance to read it early and I’ll say Fred had improved writing from Part 1 to now. From what he’s said, there are some more stories planned for his universe after Galaxi and he’ll be expanding it in the future. 

Which is fantastic. I really liked his initial story and thought it had a lot of potential and some more stories will really showcase all the questions he left dangling at the finish of Atlantic Island. I’m thrilled Shernoff took the advice of his fans to expand his universe. It’s always a tough decision to continue writing in the familiar world or to plunge into something new.

Right now, Fred has reduced the price of the original Atlantic Island trilogy to just 99 cents and Galaxi is sitting at 99 cents — a whole lotta story for under $2. If you have the cash to spare, pick it up. I don’t think you’ll regret it.  You can visit his Author Page right here


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