Behind The Veil — an announcement


So the other day, I did an interview with fellow author, Carol Davis. Carol has three stories available on Kindle Worlds and just released her first non fanfiction story, an original short story about werewolves, called Blood Moon. She asked the questions and I answered them. You can find the complete interview here

I did want to expound a little upon one of my answers — about my Silo Saga story, The Veil. Here is her question and my answer:

6.  Many of the Silo Saga entries, and much of the original fiction inspired by Hugh Howey’s Wool novels, are multi-part stories, prompting readers to keep buying each new entry.  For the people reading this who are most familiar (and comfortable) with reading a complete work – how would you encourage them to buy a piece at a time, with the promise that more will follow?

Well, my work, The Veil, is a stand-alone piece. But, as I was finishing it, I had some fantastic (I hope) ideas for a sequel. Does the story stand on its own? It sure does and that’s what I intended. But…is there a place I can go in a sequel? Oh yeah.

I think, ultimately, authors need to make sure the story works by itself. Readers can deal with cliffhangers, but tell a story in the process. For me, as I’m writing my two sequels to The Veil, I plan on having a cliffhanger of sorts at the end of Part 2, but the main story I’m telling in that book will be finished at the end, leaving another complete story to be told in Part 3.


The Veil was always intended by me to be a stand-alone story. I really wanted to tell my own stories, but I also wanted to honor Hugh Howey and his influence on my writing career, so I planned a self-contained silo story. But, as the story told itself, I found myself thinking of ways that I could extend the story. I still finished The Veil, but my in the days immediately following the release of the book, I began to think of different storylines that I could go down for any possible sequels. 

Image…and so i’m going to officially announce the sequel to The Veil, entitled Behind The Veil. I had written the first chapter a month or so ago, but different projects took me away until this last week. I’ve made some good progress and like where the story is heading. Parts 2 and 3 (Beyond The Veil) will be more connected than Parts 1 and 2, but the main characters from the first book will definitely be recurring in the back part. I’ll liken it to The Matrix and its sequels, except my budget is significantly smaller. 

The protagonist (antagonist?) of The Veil was Mary Welcher, ordinary resident of the mids caught up in  her own circumstances. For Behind The Veil, the main character will be Ari Green, the Head of IT in Mary’s silo. 

There is no release date yet for Behind The Veil, let alone the third installment, but I’ll keep everyone posted as soon as I know more specifics.

Thanks for reading!


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