Take a Look Around


Take a look around.

OK…now put down your cell phone and really look. Examine what you see and discover something new you had overlooked before. Something you see every single day, but maybe didn’t truly see until right now.

Last night I had one of these experiences. It seems like it happens to me every few months, but I stopped and looked. And was amazed.

I live in a rural area. If you have lived in a city or the suburbs your whole life and never gotten out for very long, you have probably never seen the night sky. Not really, at least. I lived much of my childhood near larger cities like Phoenix and Chicago. But now…the light pollution is almost totally absent when I look into the void above us and I can see…everything.

It really is a work of beauty. In the city, you can see only a few stars – the North Star, maybe the Big Dipper, perhaps Orion’s Belt – the biggies of the constellation map. But out here, there are hundreds – thousands more to see. The Milky Way blurring a line through the starry madness, begging you to just stare and wonder at all the sights you will never see during your lifetime.

This sky is there for us every night. True, sometimes the clouds get in our way, but it is always there if we stop to look. Last night I’d left my phone inside while I took the trash to the road and without the distraction of Facebook or Twitter, I looked up…

It isn’t just that, though. What else can you see if you just look? Sitting at my desk at school right now, there is a DVD case labeled “From POOP to Profits,” a yellow highlighter that is cracked on one end, leaking the precious florescent color, and a black and silver binder clip – seemingly harmless until it is put into use and then it is both strong and steadfast.

There are hundreds and thousands of objects around us each day. What do we notice when we actually look? What do we perceive when we think about them? 

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