What if?


They could be the two best words to a writer.

What if?

I don’t consider myself to be a seasoned pro by any means, but looking back at my writing so far, it has all stemmed from a simple question of “what if?”

  • What if the girl in the casket isn’t really dead?
  • What if the perfect baseball game had a secret behind it?
  • What if the insecticide not only killed the ants, but then made them zombies?

That’s the question, isn’t it? What if…

Just insert an infinite number of scenarios after those two simple words. To be fair, the answer isn’t always the story, either. I’ll come up with the answer to the question, but often times, it changes throughout the journey. The infallible answer I’d stumbled upon after the initial question is suddenly not the solution I was looking for. That’s where the twists and turns come in to play – the action needed to move the narrative along.

The way I see it, there is no end to the stories that can be written as long as we keeping asking, “What if?”

So….what’s your “what if?”


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