Best. Explanation. Ever.


Great explanation.


First and foremost, I did not come up with this explanation.  Did you think I would?  If so, you haven’t been paying attention.  My explanations tend to ramble on and on until I get caught in a web of Futurama and Simpsons quotes that grow more and more obscure, then everyone leaves.
No, this came from an avid reader in Canada named Ryan Foster.  Great guy.
Basically, we were trying to explain what is so good about self publishing to a traditionally published author and his fans.  Naturally, I went with a grandpa Simpson reference.
Ryan’s example was that the world of books was akin to music venues and acts.

You can go see a big time show in a huge venue with a big name.  Since Ryan is Canadian, I’ll go with Rush.  A Rush show is cool as all get  out!  The ticket will cost you a pretty…

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