First off, can we just admire the amazing cover for a moment?

I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything — the very talented Jason Gurley designed it for me. In fact, when I asked him, it was mid-July and I hadn’t even started writing it yet. I believe the best description I gave him was I wanted a 70’s B-movie vibe. No plot or anything. 

Bam. Mission accomplished. 

Today I released the short story to some favorable response. So, what’s the deal and how did it come about? 

We’ll have to go back to mid-July. I think it was a Saturday morning or something — pretty early if I remember correctly, when I checked my phone and saw a tweet from Lyndon Perry, a fellow WOOL writer. Perry had tweeted this: “A TV advertisement for Raid, an insecticide spray, claims that it ‘kills ants for two weeks.’ Wonders what happens on the fifteenth day…”

My response?


Perry replied with a quip that I should write that story, something I doubt he expected. I quipped right back initially, but it really got me thinking. Since my wife and I moved into our home in 2002, we have had trouble with ants. Small, black, six-legged terrorists. I knew I could tell this story. 

A lot of it is biographical, except for the part where the ants turn into zombies, of course. 

It’s a short story, clocking in at just under 16,000 words, good for about an hour of reading, depending on how fast you read. I wanted to go for that B-movie feel with terror from the crawling menace along with a healthy dose of humor alongside. After hearing back from the beta readers, I think I achieved what I was going for. 

I really haven’t shilled my products here, but I also wanted to explain the story a bit better than I could on Facebook or Twitter. I hope you’ll try it and if you like it, certainly write up a review on Amazon for me. 

If you don’t — at least you’ll have a wonderful piece of art, courtesy of Jason Gurley. Wow. What a cover.


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