FIVE (That’s right — 5!) Book Reviews


So, this Labor Day weekend, I didn’t have a lot required of me as I lounged around my in-laws’ home, so I was able to get some books and short stories polished off my TBR Pile (this was before I wrote my list last night). I actually read 6 books, but one isn’t out yet, so I’ll write that one up separately later this week when it is released. Each book is a link to its page on Amazon and I’ve included part of my reviews for each one. Here we go:

The Watcher – WJ Davies


“I suppose if I was going to sum up the three parts of Davies’ Submerged Series, I would say “Hope Carries On.” In spite of all the darkness present in the silo and the secrets harbored by the innocent and guilty alike, hope carries them through.”


Desperate To Escape: Part 1 – Thomas Robins


“Thomas Robins’ first work outside Hugh Howey’s World of WOOL takes us on a journey into space and a journey from the inner city of Chicago to the International Space Station as our main character, Ineeka, is literally desperate to escape the life she was destined for on earth for the journey of a lifetime in space.”


Little Green Men – Peter Cawdron


“I’m a sucker for science fiction in space, especially first contact-type tales, so I was in for a treat with Little Green Men as Mr. Cawdron takes the reader on a fantastic ride from the get-go. …Cawdron tells a wonderful story with head-fakes and misdirections, all leading to a terrific conclusion”


The Disappeared: Part 1 – Logan Thomas Snyder


“The more and more I read of the continued Silo stories beyond what Hugh Howey originally wrote, I keep expecting a drop-off in terms of quality. What I have found, however, is the opposite. Howey’s legion of fan writers are so devoted to the author and the source material that they sacrifice nothing when they publish their own tales of silo life. The same is true of Mr. Snyder. The story starts slowly as we are introduced to the characters, but by the end, the pace is moving at a swift pace that keeps the reader wanting more…especially when the story ends.”


Amber – John Gregory Hancock


“As a writer, I was enthralled with what Hancock did — made me think. I thought about the implications of the situation he proposed — what really is our relationship with God? Is God benevolent really and how and why is He required to answer our prayers. I thought Mr. Hancock did great with the story, keeping it short, but long enough to put our minds to work.”


…and there you go. It was a great weekend for reading, but I did manage to get some significant writing in as well. Hopefully I’ll have an announcement on a new short story/novella in the next few weeks. 


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