Books as Entertainment? Or Thought-Provoking Stimulus?


Here is an age-old debate: should you read a book that is mindless entertainment or choose one that stimulates your thoughts and gets you thinking? 

I say — both! 

Well, there certainly are some that can do both very well. A few that I’ve read lately include the books in Hugh Howey’s WOOL series and Peter Cawdron’s new sci-fi thriller “Little Green Men.” 




I just finished LGM and I’ll tell anyone who is looking for a great book to read to pick it up. Cawdron invokes Philip K. Dick and Michael Crichton with misdirections and head-fakes, all while telling a compelling action story. In the end, the kicker is a fantastic one and leaves the reader’s head spinning most of the book. Is it smart and thoughtful? Yes. Is it action-packed? Yes again. 

A book can be both. 

But, maybe you want to just be entertained. Perfectly fine as well. I love Lee Child and his Jack Reacher books. I doubt you would be able to find a lot of people who would say Child has an ulterior motive or agenda to the books, other than to entertain the crap out of people. Mission accomplished, sir. 

Maybe you want to have the boundaries of what you know pushed and to think about things in a new way. Maybe even to feel. Totally fine as well. John Green’s works like Looking for Alaska or The Fault in Our Stars (both terrific) are great books that or even some Neil Gaiman as well. 

Not to say that the thoughtful books don’t have action and the entertaining books don’t make you feel, but the balance between the two is a fine line that is difficult to balance. I’ll go for a lot of different types of books and it really just depends on my mood when I start reading, but you really can’t go wrong either way. 

Just read!


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