Here it is — my first blog since I became a professional author. I can’t say I’m a huge success yet, seeing as I’ve only received one royalty check and that won’t even pay for a family meal, but…I’m getting there!

This summer has been a blast for me as a writer. When I finished teaching last spring, I hadn’t published anything. I wrapped up the editing on a short story and hit publish right before Memorial Day. After that, I put the finishing touches on my novel and put that on Kindle on July 1. Then, I kept at it, writing and editing a novella for Hugh Howey’s WOOLiverse, completing that in the third week of July. 

So that makes three. Three works of mine for sale in the Kindle store. All told, about 97,000 words between the three pieces, so I’ll hit the 100K mark in my next story, which will most likely be a short story called “Ant Apocalypse.” I’m mostly done, but I’ve got to fill some holes and then edit. Hopefully I’ll get it out by Labor Day. 

This is quite an exciting journey and I’m making some great friends along the way. It’s just the beginning. 


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